PrimaCreator P120 v4 3D printer – Blue

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PrimaCreator P120 er en ægte “desktop” 3D-printer! Den fylder minimalt. Med P120 har Prima koncentreret deres indsats om den daglige brug og ikke noget med, du er nødt til at kæmpe  bare for at få det til at printe. Det skal være sjovt og nemt at 3D printe! Færdigsamlet P120 leveres færdigmonteret, så du kan starte 3D-printning lige ud af kassen. Den er let at bruge. Et klart og nemt at navigerbart touch display, så du kan overvåge printerens arbejde og få hurtig adgang til alle indstillinger.

Den bygger 120x120x120 mm, varme i byggepladen og bruger filament 1,75mm. Nozzle på 0.4mm og kan printe de fleste materialer hvis man sætter den i et skab eller andet indpakning.

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Easy to change nozzle size

You wish to change nozzle type or size? That is no problem. To the P120 you can choose from brass or hardened nozzle´s in many sizes. 1 brass nozzle in the size 0.4 mm is included in the box. If you want to print re-enforced or abrasive materials you should go for one of our nozzle´s in hardened steel.

Optimized Design

The P120 is small and quiet which makes it perfect to have on your desktop.

Build volume

The P120 has a print volume of 120x120x120 mm or 4.7″ x 4.7″ x 4.7″ inches. This size makes it a perfect printer for every-day use or as a second printer that you would like to keep close to you. Another area of use is for companies that would like to have a “print farm”

Build surface

The P120 is equipped with a heated build plate. Thanks to the heated bed you can use a wider range of filaments and not risk that the print loses adhesion. One of the many benefits on the P120 is that it´s equipped with a magnetic flexible build plate. This makes it a breeze to remove your print when they are done, just remove the plate and bend it slightly – the print will come right of.


To increase the usability even more there is a clear and crisp color touch display in the front that clearly shows you the status of the printer. You have a USB connection and a MicroSD card for easy transfer of your files.

Open solution

P120 have an open solution that means that you can use almost any filament you want, PLA, ABS (small prints), ABS+, PETG, HIPS and semi flexible filaments.  P120 uses the common size of 1.75 mm filament that you can find almost everywhere, but Prima SELECT, EasyPrint and Value are tested and works perfect with this printer.


P120 comes bundled with the well-known Cura slicer (printer software) that allows you to fine tune all your settings such as layer high, speed, temperature. Instructions are included so you quickly can get the hang of it and produce stunning prints.

Buy the Prima Creator P120 V4 to get a pre-assembled, plug & play, easy-to-use & great-value FFF 3D printer.

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