3DE Filament – Carbon Black PETG 1.75mm

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PET is a plastic resin. It is the most commonly used plastic in the world. You can find its fibers in clothes, containers for liquids, foods, thermoforming for manufacturing, and in combination with glass fiber for engineering resins. Thousands of consumer products, food and beverages are delivered and packaged within this material.

PETG (also called copolyester) is a modified version of PET. The modification is achieved by adding a second glycol during polymerization. The molecular structure is irregular; the resin is clear and amorphous with a glass transition temperature of 88 C.

If you’re into chemistry, it’s known as Polyethylene Terephthalateco-1, 4-cylclohexylenedimethylene terephthalate.



3DE Premium PETG Filament: What are the benefits?

These are the general benefits:

  • It’s more durable. Overheating regular PET makes it hazy and brittle. Not with PETG filament: The added glycol prevents the material from crystallizing and becoming breakable. The new material is also highly impact-resistant.
  • Unlike PET, is it RF sealable.
  • Professionally printed, it also can be sterilized.

These are the benefits of 3DE Premoim PETG filament for 3D printing:

  • Also, you can have the material, prints and misprints recycled. This doesn’t mean you should start printing irresponsibly – sustainably speaking, it’s still plastic, which has to be recycled properly.
  • The layer adhesion is usually excellent.
  • PETG filament has the reputation of combining the benefits of ABS (stronger, temperature resistant, more durable) and PLA (easy to print) in one material.
  • You can expect less trouble with warping or shrinking of your prints.

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