3D Pen – SUNLU M1 – black

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3D print pen til sjov og kreativ leg. For børn over 7 år. Brug dine hænder til skabelse af 3D modeller ud fra samme princip som man kan bruge en limpistol.

3D pennen kan benyttes både af børn og voksne. Man kan fremstille sjove og kreative emner, kun fantasien sætter grænser. Derudover er den også fantastisk til reparation af andre 3D printede emner.

Bruger 1.75mm.

Når der printes med PLA er det kun nødvendigt med et åbent vindue i rummet, da PLA er lavet af majsstivelse.


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SUNLU M1 – Secure 3D printing pen works with PLA and PCL filaments

With this 3D pen you can experience the fantastic possibility to draw in 3D together with your children. The SUNLU M1 3D printing pen offers simple one-button operation. Express your creativity with this wonderful and intuitive 3D pen. It works with PLA and PCL filament and is therefore very safe to use.

Main features:

  • Supports 3D drawing with PLA and PCL filament
  • Choose temperature and cooling modes according to your taste and experience
  • Automatic shutdown to sleep mode: 30 seconds without operation
  • 3D drawing with extremely low temperature minimizes the risk of burns
  • Optimized design, easy to maintain
  • You can simply connect an external battery / power bank to the power supply
  • Elegant, small and light in your hand
  • Operating temperature: PLA 170 ° C / PCL 55 ° C
  • Optional colours: Black
  • Note: The colour of the PCL material is supplied randomly


The one-button operation is the latest feature of the SUNLU M1 3D Stylus. This innovative feature gives you a simple and intuitive 3D printing experience. Single button control means you only have to press one button to feed and pull back the filament. Use environmentally friendly PLA or child-friendly PCL filaments with this 3D pen. Now it’s easy to use your 3D pen. You can quickly implement your creative ideas before they even escape your thoughts.


Enjoy complete freedom in drawing with this innovative 3D pen. The SUNLU M1 features innovative power supply technology. With this 3D pen, you can draw 3D anywhere with an external power supply. A 5V/2A input and an intelligent heating system ensure mobility. Simply repower the pen using your smartphone charging cable or your power bank.


This 3D pen is equipped with intelligent heat protection. The unit starts automatic cooling after half a minute after the 3D drawing is finished. Furthermore, the device is equipped with a safety temperature protection. This 3D pen comes with a ceramic nozzle. Ceramic is much safer than a copper nozzle.


The SUNLU M1 3D printing pen is designed for artists, children and adults. The device is ideal for creating 3D models, quick scribbling or drawing your handicrafts. Simply draw a line from your desk directly into the air! Working with this 3D pen is more than just drawing. Painting becomes magic and the creation of previously unrealizable masterpieces possible. Due to the safety features, your children can also work with the M1. The 3D pen is a great gift for any occasion.

Recommendation: Learn 3D drawing together with your children. This is fun and even safer. In principle, we recommend that you supervise your children.

This 3D pen is designed to be child-friendly. With the SUNLU M1, you and your children can express full creativity and imagination in a three-dimensional drawing. This 3D printing pen melts PCL filament at low temperatures. After the warm material is extruded from the nozzle, it cools and solidifies immediately. So you can quickly draw in height.

This 3D pen is equipped with a low temperature nozzle. It even allows you to draw literally in the palm of your hand. At least during the processing of PCL hardly any burns occur. Furthermore, no toxic vapours escape from the filaments. This is especially important for children.

  • Model: SUNLU M1-3D Pin
  • Weight: 45g
  • Product size: 159(L)x24(W)x 247(H) mm
  • Filament length: 5m
  • Heating temperature: PCL (50 – 60 ℃) PLA (160 – 180 ℃)
Included in delivery:
  • 3D-Pen
  • 3D printing pen with one-button operation
  • Complete set with two PCL filaments
  • USB

With the SUNLU M1 you buy a secure 3D pen that processes PLA and PCL filaments. Start 3D drawing together with your children.


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