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What is Music Robot Kit?

The music robot kit uses an ultrasonic module to detect the position of gestures, then the stepper motor will be drove to move Xylophone’s hammer. When the hammer moves to the right bar, robot will control electromagnet to hit the bar. Users can also control the music robot through upper computer, or play your own music with the robot.


  This kit can be used to build a Music Robot. It can play the Xylophone by an application via USB cable installed on computer. By this application you can use your keyboard of computer to play the Xylophone by the Number Key from 1 to 7 directly. And you can also type a music score in the application and then send it to the robot, the robot will play the music you have sent automatically.


• Three different ways to play this Music Robot

1. Control by the position of gestures (Using an ultrasonic modules detect the position)

2. A pre-programmed tune can be played (or you programme to play)

3. Control by PC Software

• High quality stepper motor mates with high performance Me stepper motor dirver

• Easy to drive and can play Xylophone very well


  Useful Link:

Arduino Library

3D Model


If you have any question about this product or you need technical support, please post it in Makeblock forum.



1. Please download the user guide package from

The package includes documents and software which are required before using your 3D printer. 

2. We have had the firmware in the mainboard yet, you can also find it from Arduino Tool according to your needs.


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