Electronic Add On Pack for Starter Robot Kit

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The Electronic Add-on Pack is to expand on your Starter Robot Kit. There are 8 electronic modules in it. With this add-on pack and Starter Kit, you can create a lot of cool project. You can also implement several projects in Inventor Electronic Kit.


Part List:

1 x Me Light Sensor

1 x Me PIR Motion Sensor

1 x Me Temperature Sensor – Waterproof (DS18B20)

1 x Me RGB LED

1 x Me 7-Segment display – Red

1 x Me Joystick

1 x Me Potentionmeter

1 x Me RJ25 Adapter

2 x 6P6C RJ25 cable – 20cm

1 x 6P6C RJ25 cable – 35cm

10 x Socket Cap Screw M4x8 – Button Head

10 x Nut M4



  • Expand an Makeblock Starter Robot Kit to build more interesting projects.
  • 8 electronic modules included.


 Find software til programmering af Makeblock produkter her: http://www.mblock.cc/download/


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