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The Arduino starter kit walks us through the basics of coding and developing, with creative projects we build by learning, thanks to a selection of the most common and useful electronic components.

It has a selection of 15 projects that start from a low complexity, in order to learn the basic of electronic, to a major one, using components that let to control the physical world throw different kind of sensor.



Once we have mastered this knowledges, we will have a palette of software and circuits that we can use to create something beautiful and make someone smile with what we invent, that is the reason why we will find more components than the required from the projects of the book. Then build it, hack it and share it.


  • Arduino projects book
  • Arduino UNO board rev.3
  • USB cable
  • Breadboard, wooden base
  • 9V battery snap
  • 70 hard cables
  • 2 flexible cables
  • 6 photoresistors
  • 3 Potentiometer 10kR
  • 10 pushbutton
  • Temperature sensors
  • Tilt sensor
  • LCD
  • LED’s
  • Small DC motor 6V/9V
  • Servomotor
  • Piezo capsule
  • H-bridge motor driver [L293D]
  • 2 Optocouplers [4N35]
  • 5 Transistor [BC547]
  • 2 MOSFET [IRF520]
  • 5 1N4007 diode
  • 3 transparent jelly (rosso, verde, blue)
  • 1 male strip connector (40×1)
  • Capacitors, Resistors.,AAABPSuWGVE~,e48IldkKVVjbNO0-7NKHE1IoIlbqSFTu&bctid=4492616335001


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