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Me LED matrix

108,00 DKK excl. moms

Hvad er Me LED Matrix 8×16?

Har du nogensinde forestillet dig hvor livligt det vil være at have et dynamisk skiftende ansigt på din mBOT? Me LED matrix 8×16 er en sjov og sej måde at personalisere din robot gennem programmering. Du kan skabe udtryk, animationer og mange sjove udseende med Me LED matrix.



Solsystemet roterence solcellesæt

159,20 DKK 145,00 DKK excl. moms

Young astronomers will delight in OWI’s newest Mini Solar Kit – as they build, paint and watch their very own Solar System come to life with real solar energy. Planets orbit around the solar-paneled “sun” that drives a motor so the planets actually move. This excellent educational solar kit provides a hands-on lesson about how solar power drives a motor. The kit comes with 6 colors of opaque acrylic paint, plus brush—which makes for the perfect exercise in science and creativity.

This item was featured in Educational Dealer Magazine as “one of the items most ordered at the NSSEA show…Great New Products from Ed Expo 2010”.

dimensions: 250 DIA x 3.6



399,00 DKK excl. moms

Ozobot 2.0 er virkelig god til læring om simpel programmering for børn 5 til 10 år. Med tusser tegner man streger som Ozobot kodes til at følge. Giv Ozobot sjove opgaver og opbyg verdenen med dine tusser.

OZOBOT BIT 2.0 – 2 stk.

789,00 DKK excl. moms

Ozobot 2.0 er virkelig god til læring om simpel programmering for børn 5 til 10 år. Med tusser tegner man streger som Ozobot kodes til at følge. Giv Ozobot sjove opgaver og opbyg verdenen med dine tusser. 

God til børn mellem 5 og 10 år.

Robotic Arm til 100 gram

556,00 DKK excl. moms

Riding the wings of the award winning Robotic Arm Trainer, OWI has made robotic arm technology more affordable without compromising quality. With Robotic Arm Edge, command the gripper to open and close, wrist motion of 120 degrees, an extensive elbow range of 300 degrees, base rotation of 270 degrees, base motion of 180 degrees, vertical reach of 15 inches, horizontal reach of 12.6 inches, and lifting capacity of 100g.

OWI535parts__robotic arm

Solcelle 6 i 1 Læringsæt

200,00 DKK excl. moms

Mini Solar building kits teach children the benefits of solar energy while they create a toy that is both fun to play with and requires no batteries. Newest member of this popular line is the 6 in 1 Educational Solar Kit, an excellent beginner building kit designed to teach how solar power is used to drive a small motor. Children use the 21 snap together parts (no tools required) to build six different working models including an airboat, windmill, puppy, and two different planes.

Age: 10+
dimensions: airboat 4.76×2.4×3.39 in, windmill 6.06×6.02×9.41 in, puppy 2.68×1.81×2.52 in, car 2.76×2.13×1.34 in, plane 6.06×4.40×3.70 in, revolving plane 8.60×2.40×6.54 in

OWI-MSK610_RevolvingPlane OWI-MSK610AirBoat__ OWI-MSK610Car__  OWI-MSK610Plane__ OWI-MSK610Puppy__


Inventor Electronic Kit

1.116,00 DKK 996,00 DKK excl. moms


  • 12 electronic modules included, plus one Makeblock Orion (Arduino-Compatible).
  • Arduino programming support.
  • Graphic programming languages support (MIT Scratch and Ardublock).
  • Easy and intuitive wiring with color-coded RJ25 connector.
  • Bluetooth module included for connecting with smartphones.
  • Comes with smartphone App ( Android and iOS available ) .

Scratch is a programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others around the world. In the process of designing and programming Scratch projects, young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively. Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab. It is available for free at

Useful Link:

  Bluetooth Control App
  Scratch for Robot
  Arduino programming
  Arduino Library
  10 Fun Cases

Parts List:

1 × 9g Micro Servo 1 × Me 7-segment display-Red
1 × Me Orion 1 × Me Joystick
1 × Me Ultrasonic Sensor 1 × Me Potentionmeter
1 × Me Light and Grayscale Sensor 1 × Me RJ25 Adapter
1 × Me PIR Motion Sensor 4 × 6P6C RJ25 cable-20cm
1 × Me Sound Sensor 2× 6P6C RJ25 cable-35cm
1 × Me Temperature Sensor 1 × 6P6C RJ25 cable-50cm
1 × Me 130 DC Motor Pack 1 × USB 2.0 A-Male to Micro B-Male Cable
1 × Me Bluetooth Module (Dual Mode) 1 × Battery Holder for (6)AA
1 × Me RGB LED

Makeblock inventor kit6 Makeblock inventor kit5 Makeblock inventor kit4 Makeblock inventor kit3 Makeblock inventor kit2