Strawbees is an easy accessible Maker kit for Educators

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Strawbees School Kit

1.795,00 DKK excl. moms

The kit includes 2560 Strawbees, 1500 construction straws (in six wonderful colours), and a Card Deck of Creativity to be used when there is a need for a fantasy boost. 🙂

Perfect for schools, maker spaces and science centers.

Strawbees Classroom Bundle Quirkbot

6.545,00 DKK excl. moms

The Quirkbot makes Strawbees creations in classrooms come to life! Redesign a bridge project into a drawbridge or build fruit instruments for a class orchestra. This bundle comes with 12 Coding & Robotics kits, making this the best value for a well-rounded STEAM education. Learn how to program and connect electric hardware to linkages made with Strawbees for your next robot!

Quirkbot is the best tool in the world to learn how to code!

*The colours of the Strawbees and the straws might vary.

Strawbees Quirkbot – Coding and Robotics

720,00 DKK excl. moms

Contains motors, LEDs and Sensors for creative elctronic and tactile creation. Quirkbot set makes it easy to get started on putting together parts technically and programming them. Great way to learn programming, electronics and mechanics for children, adults and teachers.

Perfect for schools, maker spaces and science centers.